Our Purpose

The Organization


  • $ 50,000 Endowment scholarship at Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia


  • $ 250,000 Perpetual Endowment Fund
    $ 50,000 Endowment Scholarship at Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia


  • Individual Scholarship presented to eligible
    applicants in pursuit of a degree from any
    accredited college or university



  • Ada M. Palmer Scholarship presented to eligible applicants in pursuit of a degree from any accredited college or university


  • Education department offering fifteen self improvement courses


  • Model Continuing Education Program in cooperation with the Graduate School of Theology,
    Virginia Union University


  • AIDS Task Force involved in AIDS education and support


  • Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Task Force


  • Children’s Defense Fund Black Community
    Crusade for Children

Community Involvement

Charitable contributions made by IAMWMW include:

  • American Cancer Society

  • United Negro College Fund

  • United Way

  • Children’s Orphanage

  • Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation

  • Hale House Center

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