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census 2020


US CENSUS 2020 DEADLINE - Thursday, SEPTEMBER 30th – only days away.


EVERYONE'S support and effort is needed to ensure that your state gets its fair share of federal resources and congressional representation.  We are seeking your help. The information below encourages Census completion by September 30th. You can help by Emailing/Texting this to all your family, friends, and churches and organization you know. Getting the word out in this FINAL week is essential and could mean millions of dollars for programs and services for your state. There are still many who have yet to be counted and it is important that we reach as many as possible.


The availability of programs and services are: Head Start, Free and Reduced Lunch Programs, SNAP, Healthcare WIC Medicaid, Medicare vaccines, hospital and other critical emergency services, housing programs, education, programs for military veterans and highways, roads and bridges are depending on everyone completing the 2020 Census. YOUR assistance can help make that happen.

SPREAD the word.




Thank you!

Sandra E. Jordan Coger

Social Concerns 

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