Prayer Focus




  • International President Dr. Margaret B. Payton---strong, fresh anointing for the new journey she has begun; wisdom; keen discernment; continuous vision and clear direction for implementation as she presides over this First Convention as our Int’l president; faithful people to help carry out the vision; great favor in all endeavors; the presence of God evident in all things; health; strength; stamina; safety; protection for herself family members.

  • Ohio State President, Mrs. Kathy Johnson, the Ohio sisterhood and family members as they prepare to host the convention—open doors for every need; favor of God upon them; close all doors that would hinder their progress;


  • Enough volunteers for the work; wisdom; knowledge; understanding; health;  strength; stamina for family members and congregations


  • All details would come together for every aspect of the convention; meetings with hotel staff, hotel sleeping rooms for everyone; rooms for banquet, breakfast, luncheon, classes and Tours.

  • Mrs. Barbara Boulware and nominating committee; all elections ordained of God, carried out in honesty and integrity, peaceful process, VP at Large Mrs. Janie M. Daniels as she assists the Int’l President.  

  • Dean Dr. Quentina Kinney, teachers, staff, students, classes, materials, registration, peace and order in all they do; Rev. Gina Cannon and the music department.

  • PK leader Mrs. Melissa Horton and helpers; PK’s behavior, safety; Husbands Committee leader Rev. Tracy Hicks and husbands; All Speakers; Worship Program leaders Mrs. Takisha Freeland and Min. Traci Allen, the worship program and participants; All committee chairs and their committees and meetings and reports.

  • Memberships and registrations would come in on time; Sell out of President’s Breakfast, Legacy Luncheon and Awards Banquet tickets; honoring of all reservations of any kind. All financial obligations would be met; Honoring of all pledges to Headquarters 2015 Project; Very generous giving in all offerings.

  • Affordable airfares; gas prices; safe travel; luggage and materials arrive in tact and on time to its destination. No lost or delayed luggage.

  • Health; healing; protection; God’s will and favor for the sisterhood and their families and ministries. All Past International Presidents: Dr. Shirley Hart, Dr. Celeste Johnson, Dr. Janie Holmes and Dr. Beverly Glover

  • Peace and comfort for those whose loved ones have crossed over into eternity.

  • Peaceful and orderly hotel check-in; God’s grace and peace upon the hotel staff and the other guests all week.

  • Everyone would show the love and presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, especially during stressful times. Be an example of Christ whom we represent.

  • Our presence in Columbus, Ohio would leave a lasting impact for the kingdom of heaven and God would be glorified throughout the whole state.

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