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Prayer Focus




JUNE 26 - 30,  2021

Dear IAMWMW Sisterhood,

We have weathered a year of Virtual meetings and came out victorious.

We have had a year of weekly prayer calls and they are powerful. I appreciate everyone who has been able to participate in these phone prayer calls.

Here is a list of prayer points to pray for our upcoming Virtual celebration of the 80th Convention of the IAMWMW, INC.


President Margaret B. Payton: health, stamina, wisdom, renewed vision for IAMWMW, INT’L, knowledge to implement the vision, Sisterhood to help her to do what the Lord tells her.


VP At Large Janie Daniels: health, stamina, wisdom to carry out her assignments. Cooperation from the sisterhood to help make her assignment successful.


IAMWMW, INC. Leadership Academy and Director President Emeritus Dr. Shirley Alexander Hart; Renewed Anointing on each facilitator; good participation from the sisterhood. They would not fear trying new things.

Pray or a special anointing upon all participants on the virtual 80th Convention program.


Annual Communion Service, Messenger, all participants, Sacrificial offering will be very generous.


Education Seminar; All  participants.


President’s Breakfast presented by Payton’s Pearls; Everything will go smoothly.


Florida State President Mrs. Carolyn  Wilson and Florida sisterhood; Their plans for President’s Night will be a huge success. All the sisterhood would be very generous to our International President Dr. Payton. Let each of us show her our love by giving our best financial gift.


President Payton will be anointed mightily to speak the Word of the Lord each time she opens her mouth.


Every sister would see it as a privilege to a part of this great sisterhood and become a paid registered member.


Blessings on the IT Team; that everything will go smoothly, no hindrances of any kind. The airwaves free and clear, good weather. Everyone’s devices will perform as they were designed; everyone will be able to work them correctly.


Good health for the sisterhood and families; healing for all who need healing of any kind.

Every participant will remain strong and healthy, and nothing will occur that will hinder their participation. Their families will be strong and supportive.


Pray that this first part of Convention will have the greatest attendance ever.

God will be Glorified, and the people will be Blessed !


In Jesus Name,


Sister Louise Dunn

IAMWMW Prayer Chair

​Approved by Dr. Margaret Brown Payton, President

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