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Dr. Janie Charles Holmes is improving and has been moved to a rehabilitation center.  No phone calls or gifts are allowed at this time.  Cards can be sent to her home address.  Her sister receives her mail daily.  Please continue to pray for a full recovery for our beloved “MP7”.


                                                Dr. Janie C. Holmes

                                                26 Fowler Street

                                                New Haven, CT 06515



Mrs. Gloria Games, a former treasurer and named Treasurer Emeritus has been released from the hospital to the Ovation Jewish Home and can receive cards.  The address is:


                                                Mrs. Gloria Games

                                                Ovation Jewish Home

                                                1400 N Prospect Avenue

                                                Milwaukee, WI 53202


Our condolences to Mrs. Freida Gilyard, Vice President of the Central Region, in the transitioning of her sister, Mrs. Vinetta Fox, in Atlanta, GA.  Arrangements are pending.  Messages of sympathy can be sent to:


                                               Mrs. Freida Gilyard

                                              1380 S. Roosevelt Avenue

                                              Columbus, OH 43209






We will not gather in Richmond, Virginia for our traditional activities.  Dr. Fauci, our nation’s expert on infectious diseases, said today   that “Americans need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter” with this COVID 19 pandemic which will “likely worsen.”  We will have a virtual celebration that will include the Mortgage Burning Ceremony, Wreath Laying, Queen’s Coronation, and Hall of Honor Inductees.  Every member will get a full schedule of activities and how to tune in virtually. 



Let us continue to lift up each other in prayer and to encourage one another as we move forward charting unknown territories.  We are not in charge but GOD IS.




In faith, love, and prayer


Margaret Brown Payton

International President

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