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Annual Report

The Mortgage Liquidation Campaign

June 2020



The Mortgage Liquidation Campaign was unveiled on Thursday morning during the 2019 Annual Convention in Columbus, Ohio.  At that time, a two-pronged approach was presented as the manner in which the organization would work to pay the mortgage in-full within two years. 


Under Prong I, each individual member was asked to contribute $520 to the campaign.  As a convenience, Givelify was introduced to the conferees as the vehicle through which individual members could choose to donate as little as $10 weekly for 52 weeks, donate any amount over a period of time until $520 is given, or donate the full amount in one payment of $520.  For members who preferred to pay by certified check or money order, they were directed to mail their contributions to Eva Brown who was appointed as the Campaign Manager.  It was explained that if 300 members were to contribute $520 each, the campaign would realize $156,000 via Prong I.  Erica O’Neil Scott, our IT/Media Manager and Eva Brown provided a visual presentation to the general body to acquaint them with the operational procedures for accessing and using Givelify.   As a means of securing membership information for contact purposes, a data-gathering instrument was disseminated and collected from conferees on an at-will basis.


Prong II was designed to focus on states and nations from which a total of $50,000 would be contributed.   Seventeen (17) states, primarily on the east coast, were assigned to Cheryl Evans from which she was to realize a total contribution of $25,000.  All other states and nations, totaling thirty-one (31), were assigned to Jannie Daniels from which she was to realize a total of $25,000.   These ladies were asked to design a plan by which their goals would be attained.


During Founder’s Day, individuals who had contributed $520 or above were presented a beautifully designed Headquarters Pin by the Prong I Team.  All states/nations presidents whose locals had contributed a predetermined amount toward their goal were presented an acrylic paperweight in the shape of a house featuring the likeness of headquarters.


In an effort to maintain momentum while simultaneously promoting this campaign, the Prong I Team led us in recognizing April 8, 1941 as the day on which this organization was officially founded by conducting a Givelithon on April 8, 2020.  A total of  $12,186.50 was realized and is included within the Prong I total below.   Once again, members, family, and friends were very supportive of this effort and the Prong I team members enjoyed working this event immensely.


As a means of effectively being able to communicate with the membership regarding this project, President Payton approved the acquisition and utilization of One Call Now.  This is a computer communication messaging system that facilitates the capability of communicating with the membership via telephone, email, and text messaging.   One Call Now has been effectively used by President Payton in communicating with the membership on several occasions and is the vehicle by which this report is being disseminated to each of you.


Following is an accounting of all monies received as of June 5, 2020                 

            Received via Prong I     June 28, 2019 – June 5, 2020…….………………………………$68,052.51

            Received via Prong II    July    1, 2019 – June 5, 2020...……..........................………… $36,374.54                       

                                             East Coast States                                        $27,989.54         

                                             All Other States + Nations                              $8,385.00



                                                                                                        TOTAL RECEIVED…………$104,427.05


Mortgage Beginning Balance     July 1, 2019…………….…………………….…………….………$159,440.49


Total Paid on Mortgage from campaign account     Sept 2019 – June 5, 2020                            $100,000.00

Total Payments made from General Account            July 2019 – June 5, 2020                              $15,727.49


Mortgage Balance         June 5, 2020……………  ……………………...$43,713.00


Please note that the mortgage has a 6% interest rate, which reduces the amount of the monthly payment applied to the principal.  For this reason and as explained during the convention, it is to our advantage to pay as much as possible ABOVE the required monthly loan payment as often as possible.


All donors who paid by cashier check, personal check, or money order have received an official receipt from the campaign manager.  All others who donated online received an electronic receipt from Givelify as their donations were made.   Additionally, as donations are made via Givelify and/or by mail, a congratulatory letter is immediately sent to acknowledge the campaign team’s sincere appreciation for the support of this effort to liquidate the headquarters mortgage.


Now, as we move toward the end goal of paying the mortgage in full and burning the mortgage, we will continue to work feverishly in hopes of attaining this goal by Founder’s Day 2020.  With your continued financial support, we can make this happen and shout the victory when next we convene for the International Convention.


Finally, as promised as we launched this campaign during the 2019 convention, each contributor of $520 and above will be permanently recognized and memorialized at Headquarters in a very prominent, distinctive, and unusual display.  Details of what this will look like will be unveiled and shared with you soon.


Again, we thank President Payton and each of you for your support.  May God continue to bless each of you, especially during this pandemic and until we meet again.  Continue safe practices.          


Respectively Submitted,


Shirley Alexander Hart, EdD

President Emeritus and Campaign Chairperson


Eva Brown                                                                                                           Erica O’Neil Scott

Campaign Manager and Prong I Team                                                  Prong I Team Leader and IT/Media


Jannie Daniels                                                                                                       Cheryl Evans

Prong II Campaigner                                                                                       Prong II Campaigner


Lisa Johnson, Headquarters Administrator

Headquarters Mortgage Liquidation Account Treasurer

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